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Have you been told by surveyors that you need a Periodic Inspection Report (formerly known as Periodic Inspection Report/Fixed Wiring Report), only to have that done and then be told that your property needs rewiring? If this story resonates with you in any way, please complete the quotation form on the right or call us now!

Perhaps you would like some electrical repairs, alterations or additions to modernise your installation…

Our NICEIC approved electricians can carry our your electrical repairs and perform partial or full rewires as necessary with skill and diligence.  Any fault with your electrical system is potentially dangerous so, please don’t ignore it as it wont repair itself!  Hopefully whatever your electrical problem is we can carry our your electrical repairs swiftly and with minimal expense for you, our electricians work hard to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for you.  But rest assured, if your problem is more serious we have the necessary skill to repair it properly and all our works come with a guarantee too for your piece of mind.  When repairing your electrical system we are always looking for ways to save you money and will assess the benefits of any potential low-energy systems for you which might include LED lighting.  Some of the benefits of fitting LED Lighting are; lower energy usage; Flicker free operation; better quality of light (closer to the frequency of daylight), 5 Year maintenance free warranty so, no more changing of lamps too!

Wiring systems degrade with usage and time, sometimes older cables become brittle and inefficient, this inevitably means that replacement becomes necessary. Some older type MICC (Mineral-Insulated copper-clad cable) cables can weep a green substance and, as they deteriorate, can become unreliable and dangerous.  Our engineers often encounter the aforementioned problem when working on older systems, some residential dwellings, schools and colleges are rife with the problem.

If you are in need of electrical repairs or any electrical services and this sounds of interest to you please complete the form to the right or pick up your telephone and call us now to see how we can best help you.

This bad joint is in need of an electrical repair

Loose connection overheating – Fire risk

Electrical faults – whether overheating cables of constantly flickering lights – can be a royal pain; we know that as well as anybody because we’ve spent over 20 years getting to the bottom of such issues!

AC Test is an electrical repairs expert based in the South East. We have the knowledge and experience required to help you with all of your electrical issues, regardless of whether the job is big or small. We’re a multi-disciplined company and as such we can get to the bottom of any fault.

If necessary we may need to perform a new installation, in which case we will issue a domestic electrical installation certificate.

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It won't happen to you, will it?

Electrical systems and appliances degrade due to many factors - time, general use and physical damage.

Electricity can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal if your electrical systems are not installed and maintained correctly.

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