Landlord electrician Services

When it comes to electrical safety, landlord, tenants and owner-occupiers all have an essential role to play in terms of legal responsibilities.

Attention landlords! How our electricians can help you…

In the first instance, a landlord is required by law to ensure that the electrical integrity of the property is safe and sound before tenancy begins and that it is safely maintained throughout. One of the ways ACtest can help with this is by arranging to conduct an Electrical Installation Condition Report (formerly known as a Periodic Inspection Report / Fixed Wiring). The report will reveal whether the building is safe or not and make recommendations for any remedial work required. A professional will always issue you with a detailed report which is easy to read. As you are aware, there are cowboys about and you should always ensure that you use a qualified electrician who is registered with a government-approved scheme (e.g. NICEIC or NAPIT).

The frequency of the Electrical Installation Condition Report is carried out from five to ten years depending on the set-up. For example, in a multiple occupancy set-up, there is a higher-risk of damage due to the number of people sharing one property and will require testing to be carried out every five years. Also, when there is a change of tenancy, it is a good idea to have another Electrical Installation Condition Report or, as a minimum, a formal basic electrical inspection as it not uncommon for certain tenants to unknowingly or wilfully damage property before departing.

Landlords should also ensure that all portable appliances (over 12 months old) are PAT tested. Again, PAT testing is one of services we can provide for you, too.

Other points to bear in mind

  • Do not overload sockets
  • Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Remove any suspect appliance from service (i.e. badly damaged, strange smells, crackling, fuses blowing)

Tenants! Advice for you…

As previously mentioned, tenants also have a responsibility to immediately report anything dangerous regarding appliances or fixed installations, such as severed leads, loose cord grips in plug; burn marks on appliances or evidence of melting of leads, etc.; cracked sockets or cases; fuses blowing. Also, as with the landlord, the tenant should use appliances in accordance with manufacturer instructions and not overload sockets.

Finally, tenants should never attempt to repair or replace damaged electrical aspects of the property and should be co-operative by ensuring that access can be granted easily, should an electrician be required to fix a reported problem and your landlord should ensure that you have at least 24hrs notice, where possible, if they are handling the issue.

A useful link regarding renting is: from the Electricity Safety Council website.

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It won't happen to you, will it?

Electrical systems and appliances degrade due to many factors - time, general use and physical damage.

Electricity can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal if your electrical systems are not installed and maintained correctly.

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