Do you have an MK 100A Main Switch?

MK recently issued a product recall for some100A main switches which were manufactured between October and November 2012 and commonly fitted into MK consumer units.  We have taken part in the product safety initiative by checking and verifying the MK 100A Main Switch installations that ACtest performed at this time and, we are happy to report that none of our valued customers have been affected by the potentially faulty production run.  It is imperative that you ensure that any electrical contractor that you use is suitably skilled and that they only provide you with quality certified safe electrical products with integrity. 

Mk 100A Main Switch

We fully support MK and their excellent safety ethos, this recent potential problem was detected quickly and a recall scheme put into place immediately.  If only all providers of goods took the same approach.  This puts me in mind of one large American car manufacturer that is aware of serious faults in some of their models and yet they are still refusing to issue a recall to rectify!

The Electrical Safety Council are launching a new electrical search tool for consumers and trades-persons to check for any such product recall to enhance safety, watch this space for more details…

07 June 2013

It won't happen to you, will it?

Electrical systems and appliances degrade due to many factors - time, general use and physical damage.

Electricity can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal if your electrical systems are not installed and maintained correctly.

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