‘Souper’ Giant New Covent Garden Ladle-slide!

Two of our ACtest electricians worked into the early hours to safely install lighting and power into the New Covent Garden company’s Giant Soup Carton on Tuesday.   The carton is 7.5m high, has a soup kitchen distributing samples of the delicious soup and a Giant Ladle-slide which is proving to be so popular that people are queuing around the block to have a go!  For more information on this super feature take a look at Facebook.com/NCGSoup | @NewCoventGarden Soup | #giantcarton | #ladleslide

Electrical Installation by ACtest

New Covent Garden’s Giant Ladleslide


15 November 2012

It won't happen to you, will it?

Electrical systems and appliances degrade due to many factors - time, general use and physical damage.

Electricity can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal if your electrical systems are not installed and maintained correctly.

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