Would you repair your Vacuum Cleaner with it plugged in?

Today I would like to share with you the magic of Electrical Fire Safety Week, whether you are a business owner, employee, landlord, tenant, house-wife or house-husband, Electrical Fire Safety Week is for you!  It runs from 24th – 30th September 2012 and events are taking place all over the UK.

Fire Services in particular are working hard to spread the word by visiting many sites and publicising good practices.  Hampshire Fire and Rescue service alone attend around 600 fires caused by electrical issues every year, the vast majority of these are caused by faulty appliances or overheating.  The Electrical Safety Council’s research shows that a perilous lack of knowledge about the dangers of electricity in UK households where simple mistakes are putting families and homes at risk.

Shocking statistics indicate that in 2011 almost one million people attempted to mend an electrical appliance while it was still plugged in!  A further 12.2 million consciously used plugs or sockets which were faulty and about 2 million allowed cables to trail near hot surfaces.   Around 70 people die and many people are seriously injured in electrical accidents each year.

Do you have children between the ages of 4 -11? Why not get them to try this fun interactive link www.switchedonkids.org.uk .  This publication by The Electrical safety Council is both fun and has important information for you too.

I am urging you this week to think about the magic of electricity whilst remembering at the same time that electricity is actually “an invisible, stealthy and powerful caged killer waiting to escape and injure or even in extreme cases, kill”.

Please be vigilant for damaged equipment, frayed wires and overloaded sockets, simple precautions can enhance your safety greatly and it need not be an onerous task, just take a few moments to think about your electrical systems.  If you are in doubt you can always call us out!

25 September 2012

It won't happen to you, will it?

Electrical systems and appliances degrade due to many factors - time, general use and physical damage.

Electricity can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal if your electrical systems are not installed and maintained correctly.

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