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Covid-19 – You can help stop it overwhelming the Caribbean

St Lucia and other Caribbean islands are at great risk from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The healthcare infrastructure urgently needs support with specialist equipment, such as masks, ventilators and testing kits.  Covid-19 arrived on the island of St Lucia by overseas passengers, most probably from the UK.  Many of my own family and friends are doing whatever they can to support the vulnerable on the island right now.  Currently, in infection rate terms, the islands are behind the UK.  I know the UK is struggling to cope with this crisis but, hopefully, we will soon see progress and have spare equipment that could be re-distributed to other countries.

By progressing this petition, it is my intention to keep the Caribbean, and other countries with less healthcare infrastructure, in the minds of the politicians who could make distributing urgent medical equipment to them a reality.

Please sign, share with friends and help to promote this vital issue now. Thank you.        [Sign Here]