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LED Lighting

All works are to BS 7671 18th Edition
Both retrofit and new LED options available
LED lighting systems offer brilliant luminaire reliability combined with style and, of course, efficiency
Reduce your carbon footprint and save £££s
Save up to 80% on your lighting energy costs
Unlock green energy tax-saving benefits

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting

One of the most exciting things to emerge of late is the growing trend towards using LED lighting, which is being heavily promoted by well-known exhibitions, such as LuxLive.  It is predicted that LED lighting will replace the incandescent bulb because, not only is LED lighting aesthetically pleasing, it is also economical and more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tube lighting.  Perhaps you already have an LED torch or car bearing LED technology?   LED lighting is not new but it is only now being firmly recognised as a way of saving money, energy consumption and labour.


How LED Lighting Benefits You

LED lighting lasts longer, some units last up to 100,000 hours (11 years continued operation) whereas the incandescent bulb lasts only 5,000 hours. LED lighting also means greater savings, particularly for the commercial sector, where call-out costs for the replacement of bulbs and fluorescent tube lighting can be costly.


Although the initial outlay for LED lighting can be more expensive than the alternatives, it saves you money in the long-term by decreasing your maintenance and energy bills.  ACtest’s new LED solution options are maintenance free; provide excellent working light; are flicker and hum-free and run cool, too!  Retrofit LED solutions are also available which can provide impressive benefits for minimal costs.


Offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, in particular, may greatly benefit from LED technology because it removes the need for routine lighting maintenance.  Also, LEDs operate on reduced power consumption and achieve 80% efficiency (if the circuitry is ideal) which is in stark contrast to the 20% efficiency achieved by incandescent bulbs.  In short, it is a no-brainer which lighting system is better for the environment and your pocket!  ACtest predicts that, in the future, LED lighting will be embraced by the domestic sector for all the reasons outlined above and because LED lighting is fresh, bright and modern – features which are the attributes many of us want in our homes and business premises.  The average cost savings on future electrical usage costs are 40 – 50%.


ACtest endeavours to be energy-efficient and to keep abreast of the latest developments within energy conservation.  If you are interested in our energy-saving services, please complete the quick quote form or call us to find out more.