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Proper PAT Testing is essential for your electrical equipment – Springtime update

Spring has sprung and with it a myriad of bright colours are returning to our plants, bushes and trees. But that’s not all, millions of insects are also flying, crawling and buzzing around which brings me to share with you one of our engineers horrifying experience earlier this week when PAT Testing a client’s kettle, he opened it up and was greeted by two dead wasps lying in the warm water.

Please understand that we are experts in electrical safety, not on wasp-tea but, it certainly looked like it had been thoroughly boiled through a few times. Our client was immediately notified and, understandably, the office manager very shocked! (by the news not electrically of course, she felt much safer after our thorough PAT inspection which had left nothing to chance.

Apparently some of the members of this office usually fill the kettle through the spout instead of lifting the lid fully so, we are asking you to check your kettles and other electrical appliances for unwanted insects because we wouldn’t not like you to have a similar experience with either wasp-tea or additional flies burnt on to your toast!

So, if you have colleagues who fill the kettle from the spout or fear that they haven’t cleaned out the electrical toaster crumbs lately, you may want to share this information with them too.