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Shocking Discoveries!

ACtest's Believe It or Not!

I wonder what we will find under the white tape?

Oh, live unprotected connections! I thought so.

Shockingly, this temporary repair was found in a school!

Mind your fingers in this bathroom; unless you like to get a buzz first thing in the morning!

ACtest engineers do not understand installers who fail to mark up their consumer units with circuit details before getting paid and exiting.

Building sites can be dangerous.

Monitor IEC lead with the cord not securely fixed. We find many faults of this type during Portable Appliance Testing.

Cracks in electrical accessories only get worse, with very dangerous consequences. Do you have any on your accessories?

Is it me or does something smell hot in here?

It would be best to switch this off before unplugging, me thinks!

We found this during an inspection. The previous installer has bizarrely connected the earth to the neutral wire.

We found a serious breach of the main supply insulation during an EICR which was most probably caused by the installer’s knife! Not good.

Behind a small consumer unit, it’s just wires really – does anyone know where they go?

We were called to a school in London to investigate why the classroom lights had gone out!

All of this burning could have been avoided if the original installer had tightened the connections properly!

Another school, another non-finger proof shock risk.

That must have been one hot presentation – smoking!

Under the man-hole cover on the village green, we find a socket in a small well. When it fills up to the brim, we will know as the circuit will trip!

A loose connection causes overheating and fire risk. This can be avoided by good installation practices.

Unsecured socket with classic cable connector; no cable strain relief of correct enclosure!

Please look for visible defects before plugging in any electrical item as it could save lives!

This shocking hazard was caused by incorrect initial wiring, leaving the inner wires exposed and therefore easily damageable.

All it takes is a poor quality loose connection in a plug to cause a fire. We found this one just in time!

Poor workmanship strikes again! We repair situations like this for free during our PAT testing inspections.

Remember that kid who was always sticking forks in plugs? Well, he is still at it!

A socket hangs loose in a college.

Another educational establishment where clearly someone has had a smashing time!

Another potential killer. How many people switch off before reaching to unplug appliances?

There is a hole in my extension lead, dear Liza, dear Liza…

I’ve heard of leg pulling but poor old Henry has been cord pulled to the max!

This power supply now has an ‘open case ventilation system’ – like the way it says ‘danger’, too!

Common fault with some E-bay and overseas items not made to British Standards. Here, there are no safety shutters which leave the live conductors accessible.

The installer neglected to fit this connector correctly, leaving exposed live-parts for all to touch.

The thermal cut-out on this extension lead did not work very well!