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Some talk the talk but do not walk the walk!

The other day, I overheard someone say, “Oh, just go for the cheapest electrician as they are all much of a muchness.” This offhand comment from a complete stranger niggled me as this myth is something I have had to contend with and dispel throughout my entire career in the electrical business. Are you guilty of tarnishing electrical providers with this same tired, tarnished brush? If so, I strongly urge you to think again.
This year, ACtest heard from a return customer who had explained that she had been subjected to aggressive sales tactics from another company who claimed to be cheaper. Due to the company’s marketing paraphernalia and the constant bombardment of telephone calls as well as being repeatedly told that they were ‘better value for money’, she succumbed and gave the rival company the green light to inspect her nursery. Due to the smooth, proactive sales spiel, she did not consider her new selection of electrical provider to be of major importance.
Unfortunately, our return customer soon realized that her new company of choice (who shall remain nameless for now) was not up to the job. The customer had only defected because the new company stated they were less expensive and provided the same service. Alarmingly, the manager did not see the engineer open any plugs, check connections or check fuse ratings and was in and out in a flash. Moreover, according to the client, the engineer also unnecessarily tested socket outlets and conducted microwave leakage tests (which the client had not asked to be done) and charged her for them which left her feeling cheated and, as a result, their final bill was not cheaper than that of ACtest’s. Also, the engineer was not knowledgeable when questioned on the theory of PAT testing either! Due to the client’s dissatisfaction with the rival company and their inability to inspire any confidence in their electrical testing skills, the customer refused to pay them and felt compelled – for her own peace of mind – to contact us in order to ensure that her place of work was PAT tested properly.
Therefore, next time you are considering employing trade services, remember that not all companies are made from the same mould. Remember this nugget of truth, and save yourself a whole lot of trouble.